I thought long and hard about running for Lakeway City Council this year and I decided to do so at the very last minute. I've lived in Lakeway for over 25 years and just thought is was time to do something about our out of control traffic and growth, as well as the nonsensical actions of some City employees, so I decided to put my hat in the ring.


My name is Marvin Mead and I am now a candidate for a seat on the Lakeway City Council to represent all the citizens of Lakeway.


That's a tough one, right? Because everyone has different ideas, different problems, different fixes and different beliefs, however I plan to represent you on a platform of common sense. Our problems tend to be traffic and uncontrolled growth. Not too bad, but these problems need to be addressed every year by our City Council and every year or two, the dynamics and individuals of the Council change. I'm NOT a politician -- in fact, I believe I'm the farthest thing from a politician -- however, the changes I've seen in Lakeway over the past 50 years have been enormous. Some good, some bad. We can't fix all the mistakes of the past, but we can lead and make the best decisions for the future of Lakeway. The quality of life in Lakeway must not deteriorate any more. In fact we should strive to create an even better Lakeway. I will do everything I can as a City Council member to do exactly that.


As a public servant being employed by the State of Texas for over 26 years in the Criminal Intelligence field, I believe I can bring diverse skills to the City Council. I believe a diverse group on the Council is a strong positive for the citizens of Lakeway. I am now retired and have the time to "volunteer" for the City Council. It's just another way to give back. I mean it's only two years, right?


Also, you will not see large political signs with my name on them. I despise political signs and ads for that matter. This is not a contest of who has the most or largest signs. This is an election to pick your representatives that will do the best for Lakeways future and keep your quality of life the best it can be.

 Feel free to contact me via email at marvin4Lakeway@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you.

I respectfully ask for your vote and promise to represent you for a safer, cleaner and smarter Lakeway.

Thank You, 
Marvin Mead


April 8, 2019

 Traffic is a huge issue with folks in Lakeway, as well as those that live in surrounding areas. It certainly is with me. FM 620 has become so congested during a good portion of the daylight hours, that even driving the posted speed limit is almost impossible and certainly not safe, especially given the number of traffic lights between Murfin Rd and Aria Dr. I would advocate to have another speed limit survey on FM 620 within the city limits of Lakeway. I have been in contact with a TxDOT engineer and he believes the last survey may have been in 2015 or 2016, therefore the current speed limits were enacted and studied prior to several new traffic lights being installed and the opening of new businesses such as The Oaks Shopping Center, HEB and High 5, as well as the Medical Center. Heading north on 620 from Aria Dr., it is terribly unsafe to make a left hand turn from the center turn lane into all the businesses on the west side of the road. I don't think any of this is new news to those that traverse through our city on FM 620, so what are our options and remedies? Lower speed limits and limited left turn areas? I would love to hear comments and/or suggestions from the citizens.

Click here to read more about my thoughts regarding the issues facing Lakeway.



Thank you for considering me to represent your interests in the Lakeway City Council. If you'd like to reach me, you can use the email and postage addresses below, or simply fill out the form to the right. I'd love to hear your opinion so I can better know how I can serve the citizens of Lakeway.

110 Morning Cloud St
Lakeway, TX 78734


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