Early Voting begins Monday, April 22, respectfully I am asking for your vote given you believe in the same type of future for Lakeway, as I do. Below are my priorities if elected: 

  1. Future Development  needs to align with our current Comprehensive Plan which promotes Low-Density growth,

  2. Traffic must be addressed with the goal to alleviate congestion on FM620 by creating other avenues for drivers to get to their destination.  Other possibilities exist on the east side of 620 by improving roads to allow access to LTMS as well as other businesses. I will encourage more citizen input on this issue,

  3. Transparency of City Government is crucial to gain trust and integrity from the citizens of Lakeway. Every citizen needs to be allowed to voice their concerns and or ideas for the betterment of Lakeway. Nothing should be hidden from the citizens. We have a beautiful city and our goal should be to keep it that way and improve our quality of life,

  4. Efficient Government and Low Taxes will be a priority. City Council needs to identify waste of our tax dollars and make every effort to keep our city taxes low without selling out to developers for more tax revenue. Our city taxes have managed to stay relatively low for 20+ years. 

  5. Wildlife Management is a top concern. Is there a humane way to manage our deer population as well as the other "critters" out there. It is concerning with the Trap, Transport and Process Program (TTP) that was implemented several years ago. IF there is a deer population problem, let us address it, if not, then continue the moratorium on TTP. Treat our wildlife humanely.

  6. Safety of our citizens is paramount function of the City.  Population growth inevitably brings higher incidents of crime. We should study and consider new technologies that would enhance the safety of our citizens.

It would be an honor to serve the citizens of Lakeway.  I would strongly promote the items discussed above.   My vision as a 25 year + resident is to keep Lakeway a livable Lakeway.  Our future depends on your vote. I sure would appreciate yours to be able to serve our beautifully unique community. Thank you for your consideration and your vote for Marvin Mead #4 on the ballot. MARVIN 4 Lakeway! 

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