"Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign, Blockin' out the Scenery, Breakin' my Mind"

So this is part of the lyrics of a song from the 70's that I would listen to all the time by the Five Man Electrical Band. I guess growing up in Austin, I hated signs. I hated seeing new signs because it meant more growth and less of the beautiful scenery to enjoy. So when you run for an Office, you're expected to put up signs everywhere, right? Well, I had a tough decision to make on that. I hate signs, yet in order to have name recognition I needed to put some up if I had any chance to win this race. So, my principals were compromised every time I placed a sign somewhere. People kept asking me "Where are your signs?" So I put a few up, (hated it) and I put many up on the yards of some supporters. So the election will be over in one week, May 4th, so all these signs will be gone and we can enjoy our scenery once again. 

One thing I ask of you when you go to the polls, is please understand that this is not a race to see who has the most signs, or the largest signs, or the most strategically placed signs! This race is about the future of Lakeway and the issues we citizens are concerned about. Everyone loves this city and that's why we have more and more people moving here and I welcome them, but let's get a handle on the growth and keep the character of our city, the beauty of our lakes and parks. A vote for me will be a vote for you. Please vote for Marvin Mead for City Council.

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