Customer Service

No business can survive without great customer service.  To me, an elected official represents the people who are in a sense his or her "customers". All customers are asked "How can I help you?". Each customer is treated with respect and heard.  You would be my customers if I'm elected to the council whether I received your vote or not. I will make that promise to you and I will do all that I can to make the City Council as transparent as possible and as accessible to you as possible. I thank everyone who has supported me through this campaign and I hope I can gain the support of others as we continue through the voting process. Vote MARVIN MEAD!! 

Common Rhetoric

Most candidates for City Council tend to repeat the same rhetoric about our Traffic, our Growth, our Wildlife Management and even Transparency of our City Goverment. Some candidates have begun to sing the same song as what they have found to be the less controversial or more popular stance on these issues. 


Look at what the candidates were saying when they first started campaigning, and what some of their messages have changed to now. Review the videos from the three forums, check out who has actually involved themselves in social media debates to show where they stand, and then look at their finance reports. 


I entered this campaign not beholden to any special groups in Lakeway, whether it be Democrats, Republicans, Progressives or even the "Old Guard" that has influenced Lakeway's elections for many years. With a little research you can tell who those candidates are. 


Tom Kilgore, Gretchen Vance, Julie Reichert and myself did not know each other prior to this campaign, however, we seemed to have the same ideas and philosophy about the future of Lakeway. Our support has come from individuals like you and not groups that are trying to get someone elected to keep the status quo of Lakeway. 


A vote for Marvin Mead is a vote for a change in Lakeway. It's a vote to have your voice heard. It's a vote to to look at what's happening to our city and end the growth that ruins our unique culture and character. Growth that does occur can still benefit our city, but let's get a handle on it. A vote for me is hopefully a vote for you!!

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